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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Dr. Eiderzen's Books

The Ambiance of Victoria

Critical Analysis Toward Nordic Deity and Aryan Entity

Application of Thought and Reality

The Metaphysics of the Model


General Information


To my readers, I would like to highly recommend the resource news of wvwnews.net as this web location is part of the main website of europeanamericansunited.org. This site is excellent to glean information from in regard to our culture and ethnicity. The website has some wonderful educational and cultural programs for us.

It is of necessity that a person must home school his or her or their children. As I have previously stated under the heading of “General Information,” I often visit Western Voices World News (www.wvwn.net) a service of European Americans United. This website provides excellent information concerning what is happening in America and Canada and Europe and other Western/Occidental established nations. European Americans United has an excellent educational program available on the website for us. I would highly recommend this program. While there are many options available for the issue of home schooling, I highly recommend the above program.

My folk, always, but always, remember this: The word “progressive” or “progressivism” is a hidden term substitute for the word “communist” or “communism.” Progressivism is a gentle euphemism for communism. If one looks at this word and how it is used in context and exactly the type people who are uttering the word, “progressivism,” such a word blooms and blossoms into its full meaning, “communism.” Hence, the synonym for the word “progressivism” is the word “communism.”

It is important that my reader understand, I write directly toward and for the white/European American/European individual. The discussions are toward the white/European American/European person.

I have tried to set my books into a certain order of reading: an introduction (“The Metaphysics of the Model: Values Within/Toward the Attitude and Approach of Life”); an explanation (“Application of Thought and Reality: The Model”); a summation (“Critical Analysis Toward Nordic Deity and Aryan Entity: Critique of Teutonic Theory to Belief-The Brilliance of the Snow”); and the example (“The Ambiance of Victoria”). The above order, as to reading, is a suggestion and no more. I believe the books tie well into each other. So, if desired by the reader, each book may be read in any order or sequence.

To my readers, under normal circumstances, I will try to post an article every three weeks to four weeks.

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