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Friday, March 24, 2023

Dr. Eiderzen's Books

The Ambiance of Victoria
January 9, 2015

Critical Analysis Toward Nordic Deity and Aryan Entity
April 11, 2011

Application of Thought and Reality
May 7, 2010

The Metaphysics of the Model
November 25, 2009


Part Three: "The Agenda of `Cultural Marxism` may Slow Down, but It never ever Stops"


Doug Eiderzen, August 31, 2020

(Discussion Number 42)

`Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins - or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer (Satan).` Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals (A person might want to look up the disciples [i.e., followers] of Mr. Saul Alinsky).

In our third, and final, study of Cultural Marxism, amongst other subjects of relevance, we will look at some appropriate history applicable to our discussion. We will touch upon certain related phases and/or stages of Cultural Marxism. For our study, we must understand toward purpose and product, Cultural Marxism and communism are one in the same. Certain parts of this discussion will need to be to some extent very general in nature for as the saying goes, `We have a long way to go and a limited amount of words to get us there.` Brevity must be the order of the day in addressing the historical. Thus, I would recommend to the reader to research and study certain terms referenced and mentioned in this writing.

Dear folk, we must understand that groups of people have attacked other groups of people, both inside of the borders and outside of the borders, from time immemorial. Whether such borders were acknowledged or not, really, means little as the emphasis is focused upon a `struggle for existence.` The struggle for existence comes before the making of a nation. Even when the nation is made, and the borders are established, this struggle for existence continues. Dear folk, we must understand that life is a struggle for existence. There is nothing new about this statement, but we, as whites/European Americans/Europeans, for several decades now, seem to have forgotten the issue of the `struggle toward existence.` We should understand, when it comes to our disciplines of life (our history, culture, ethnicity, philosophies toward the living of life, and, to some, our cultural religion), there will, always, be groups against us.

With the advent of the Industrial Age and the redefining of the economic structure and social organization and, then, moving forward with modern communications and different types of applied technologies, there came about two theories of thought: Existentialism and Marxism (i.e., communism). Creating a boiling cauldron of evil, certain powers that be, threw in the philosophy of existentialism (basically, `Do it if it feels good` and `If it is not broken, break it` and `Just do it` and `Be proud of doing it your own way at any price`) and anti-God Marxism to cook up a mixture called, Cultural Marxism. Yes, to be sure, there were some other philosophical spices added to flavor our mixture such as existential nihilism, Hegelian dialectics, etc., but the final flavored conglomeration produced was Cultural Marxism.

The Communist Manifesto is a book and political document compiled and written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It was written in 1848. The document called for a physical revolution. Marx stated that the coming cultural revolution of the masses will not be peaceful; such anarchy will neither be passive nor nonviolent. Among other directives, the document calls for the abolition of private property, the confiscation of all property of those that disagree with socialistic thought, industries to be owned by the state, the abolition of God from the individual and society, etc. Then, moving along some 55 years into the future, there is the introduction of a document called, `The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.` Now, regardless of just who wrote or authored `The Protocols,` the book is a picture perfect lesson on how to ruin a healthy society and nation. Cultural Marxism follows the advice and implementation of `The Protocols,` to a T. The modus operandi and practice of `The Protocols of the Elders of Zion` can be seen in practice within the workings of Cultural Marxism. Next, after World War One, came about the Frankfurt School of Theory (aka, The Frankfurt School Institute). This Frankfurt School Institute established itself at the Frankfurt University in Frankfurt, Germany around 1923. The `Frankfurt School` floods itself with, and moves within, a great deal of Marxist theory, Freudian views, and Hegelian philosophy; these designs are incorporated and integrated into the Frankfurt School`s model concepts relating to communism. The Frankfurt School flows with Cultural Marxism incorporated within its worldly philosophy. This Frankfurt School is greatly saturated and connected with the beliefs of political correctness or that of being politically correct. In, or around, 1933, this bunch of people came to the conclusion, they might be better off in leaving Germany. So, in 1934, under the direction of Max Horkheimer, the Frankfurt School Institute relocated to the United States and Columbia University. They found an enthusiastic welcome given to them from Columbia University. With Cultural Marxism relocating to the United States, we now have a cell of disease located, and spreading, in a healthy body. Made up with Cultural Marxists, the Frankfurt School`s ultimate goal is to establish a one world government with communism as its only ideology. Dear folk, the Frankfurt School`s principles, of Cultural Marxism, are ingrained everywhere with the Democrat Party as its political vehicle.

Cultural Marxism exists and plays upon the five senses (to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, to touch). This is a very important concept to understand; objectively, it infects the group through individual; thereafter, the group moves forward. Putting into practice `The Protocols,` Cultural Marxism moves to ruin the racial body of the nation. This is what is happening in and to America. Cultural Marxism wreaks our disciplines of life by attacking the one individual; it moves to ruin the white/European American/European person`s character with constant attacks upon his or her culture, ethnicity, and disciplines of life. Through the five senses, Cultural Marxism plays upon the emotion of the individual. Within the domain of Cultural Marxism is located the pornography, the narcotics, the passion for rebellion, the mob mentality of revolt, the attacks on the traditional values of life, the obsession for instant gratification, etc. Cultural Marxism is an anti-God philosophy made up of anti-discipline, anti-authority, no morals, and anti-tradition oriented thought. The liberal Iconoclast thrives in this environment.

Dear folk, never ever forget, the so-called modern day term of `progressive or progressiveness or progressivism` is just another word for Cultural Marxism. Consequently, it might very well be said that Cultural Marxism is communism in all of its finest glory:

The face of Cultural Marxism can be observed and seen in the actions from those that control/own Hollywood; from the everyday writings of the mainstream media; from the teachings of the universities; from the politics of the liberal left and their legislation passed and enacted; from the support given to anarchy, to include financial assistance, on all levels; from the financial backing of radical government polices and laws; from the radical judges; from the radical educators and their organizations; from big business with its love of money at any price, etc. A person can hear Cultural Marxism advocated from behind a podium in the halls of Congress and preached from behind the pulpit in a house of worship.

The effects of Cultural Marxism can be witnessed and realized in the anarchy in the streets and the breakdown of law and order; the attack on all traditional values; the attack on the white/European American/European; the break up of the white/European American/European family and the dismissing of family traditions and family values; the questioning of Western/Occidental traditional values and its created government; the attack on any characteristic relating to a nation (its cultural language, its individual culture and ethnicity, etc.); the attack on anything traditional representing established order; the attack on traditional authority, the attack on the traditional religion, etc. Dear folk, within the above, there is the constant questioning of the established thesis through antitheses with a diluted synthesis always being pushed to be accepted and recognized: There is this never-ending process of questioning.

Cultural Marxism has the Democrat Party as its political mouthpiece, Hollywood as its propaganda vehicle of entertainment, the main media as its Pravda, and Antifa as its pillaging and plundering Red Army. We are dealing with an entire Marxist system that invents the crisis and then manipulates and molds the circumstances into what they want us to see (tell the person what to think and how to believe). It has been said that the Democrat Party, and their partners in crime, will let no crisis go to waste; we are seeing, each day, this `tell the person what to think and how to believe` through the workings of the liberal politicians, main media, radical left pundits, etc. The Cultural Marxist system is geared not just to attack, but to eliminate the white/European American/European. As we have discussed in the past, there is no place for the white in the created Marxist utopia of the future.

The Cultural Marxist Democrat Party openly tells us that when it gets control it will flood America with nonwhites and the Republican Party tells us to be conservative. The Cultural Marxist Democrat Party openly tells us that when it gets control it will do away with the Second Amendment and the individual`s right to defend or protect himself or herself and the Republican Party tells us to be conservative. The Cultural Marxist Democrat Party openly tells us that when it gets control it will make the white/European American pay reparations to certain people and the Republican Party tells us to be conservative. The Cultural Marxist Democrat Party openly tells us that all of our nation`s white/European American/European Founding Fathers were racist (whatever definition that represents) and the Republican Party tells us to be conservative. And, this list could go on and on and on.

Dear folk, what is so very apparent is that this nation was founded for us (our white/European American/European folk) by us (our white/European American/European Founding Fathers). People, this is our nation, but, sadly, we have become the outcasts. This will change.

Dear folk, please understand this. We cannot compromise our culture or our ethnicity or our history, or our philosophies toward the living of life or, for some of us, our cultural religion. These are not up for debate.


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I would like to recommend and encourage the reader to visit European Americans United website (wvwnews.net) and read John Young`s writing, `Welcome to being a Dissident.`

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(I would like to highly recommend the resource news of wvwnews.net as this web location is part of the main website of europeanamericansunited.org. In regard to our culture and ethnicity, the European Americans United website is excellent to glean information from. Along with current and past news, the website has some wonderful educational and cultural programs for us.)


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To my readers, I would like to highly recommend the resource news of wvwnews.net.

This web location is part of the main website of europeanamericansunited.org. In regard to our culture and ethnicity, the European Americans United website is excellent to glean information from. Along with current and past news, the website has some wonderful educational and cultural programs for us.

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Doug Eiderzen, April 28, 2018

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"Matt Lauer may lose ownership of his farm amid sexual misconduct allegations" by Chelsea Ritschel and "Celebrities react to Matt Lauer`s firing amid sexual misconduct allegations" by Taryn Ryder, Writer, Yahoo Entertainment & Lifestyle
By Doug Eiderzen, April 13, 2018

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