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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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The Ambiance of Victoria
January 9, 2015

Critical Analysis Toward Nordic Deity and Aryan Entity
April 11, 2011

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May 7, 2010

The Metaphysics of the Model
November 25, 2009


"Part Two: The Traditional Being of Pure Citizenry"


Doug Eiderzen, November 24, 2018

(Discussion Number 17)

Concerning white/European America, for a review, when Senator Edward Kennedy and President Lyndon Johnson and their Democrat Party gave us the `Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965` our European established nation began to be, purposely, filled with non-white/non-European immigration. As a result of this traitorous Act of 1965 and the open borders society we have been given, in this hodgepodge of mixed humanity resting within our nation, how do we decide or conclude who are the interlopers and who are not? Remember, we are dealing with European blood as our Founding Fathers of this nation came from Europe and were of European blood. We are dealing with European blood as our shared quality and the research of European blood. It is this European bloodline which we are pursuing.

My European American folk, we have to start somewhere to establish our presence and identify ourselves. Therefore let us state or define: If a person is of a majority of European blood type percentage then he or she belongs within the group category of being a white/European American. How do we make such a determination? Well, looking objectively we have our question answered through DNA. The above is a demanding and involved definition, but it is based on objectivity. Again, this would be a start. The key is to understand, we are traveling within race, culture, blood, and the disciplines of life concerning European ancestry and descent and heritage.

We should be motivated in seeing our tribe existing and flourishing far into the future. We should be preparing and planning for this, nowadays. In beginning this preservation, we must start somewhere toward said `preservation` within a given objective definition. We need to be motivated to bolster up our white/European tribe with the tangible and touchable.

So, let us look at our definition of preservation: If a person is of a majority of European blood type percentage then he or she belongs within the group category of being a white/European American. We are standing at an entrance toward life and with one step we, in a positive move, leave the threshold behind. We proceed into the awareness of a quality beginning of years and years to come.

Then, how do we begin to set our definition up? Under normal conditions, it is pretty well accepted that 51 percent, controls. My European American folk, I must state, once again, we have to start somewhere to establish our presence and define ourselves as a folk.

This is our threshold. If a person objectively shows to have 51 percent of European blood heritage and ancestry within him or her then he or she belongs and is classified as a white/European American/European. We are objectively shown and given our family member of European descent. Independently, we have determined the above through our molecules of life. I believe 51 percent is a good place to start. We can touch this 51 percentage figure as the figure is purely impartial and very real: a belonging within the European family through 51 percent of his or her bloodline; this may be classified as legitimacy. The above is a working definition.

But, now, let us move to some of the more intricate, involved, and detailed situations created by our above definition:

Is 51 percent enough of a percentage to qualify? I do believe that the 51 percent bloodline should be and would be a qualifying factor. But this would not be my decision to make.

Within the proper issue of marriage and a correct breeding, within the race, I am of a mind that this 51 percent could be brought up to a higher percentage factor within a few years.

What about the children of a white/European American person and a person of Mexican heritage? I would state that we want these children. Of course, if they test to be 51 percent bloodline of the racial European birthright and I am of the belief that many of these identified children would. It might do well for us to remember that Spain is a country of Europe and not every person with a Hispanic surname is going to be a Mestizo. Many of the above defined children rest very well within their European ideals and to their European culture and to their European disciplines of life. It might very well be possible to have one of these children`s DNA test to 60 or 70 percent, or more, within the European bloodline. Let us bring these children into the fold and into our midst.

Is 51 percent European bloodline enough of a percentage for some people to qualify and not enough of a percentage for other people to qualify? I cannot answer this.

What about the issue of subjectivity in bloodline heritage? I cannot answer this.

What about these people that have come to/into our nation from the southern border? The bloodline of these people has been diluted or reduced of European blood (Spanish, Portuguese, etc.) for many, many generations. Through interbreeding and the mixing of race, the individuals at our southern border and coming across our southern border are of the Jose Ines Garcia Zarate type. A person can remember Mr. Zarate as the killer of Ms. Kate Steinle (a white/European American woman). Remember, he was found innocent of her murder in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.

I will insert the following question even though we are discussing European ancestry and descent and heritage. What about the issue of dominant genes in the bloodline? I cannot answer this.

These are just some of the questions to be answered by our white/European American leaders should they ever decide to show themselves and bring us together, coordinate us and lead us. The white/European American person needs organization, association, definitions toward Europe, and direction. The white/European American person needs positive racial education.

I have mentioned that we must start someplace to establish the criteria of just whom is a white/European American and falls into the category of European. As I have stated, the definition of 51 percent creates questions to be answered, yet, the above description and classification is a touchable foundation. The 51 percent definition gives us an objective focus and a provable clearness in moving forward. It should be quite easy to put into practice the above 51 percent description toward purpose of belonging (hence, the meaning of Euro-Americaneuropeanism is applied).

At this stage, under correct organization and guidelines, we should not so much be concerned with Counting the Marks on a piece of paper as much as Making the Marks on the same sheet of paper.

In the two postings, part one and part two, `The Traditional Being of Pure Citizenry` the question to my readers has always been, in this racially mixed-up and diverse society to which we have been given, who is and who is not?

In my next writing, I will continue with certain major points to be addressed with a review.


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