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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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January 9, 2015

Critical Analysis Toward Nordic Deity and Aryan Entity
April 11, 2011

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May 7, 2010

The Metaphysics of the Model
November 25, 2009


"Propping up the Marxist Character: the Liberal, Leftist Media and Their Opinions,"


Doug Eiderzen, May 15, 2024

(Discussion Number 69)

Nation of Islam, Mr. Louis Farrakhan quote: `… Its ‘theology` – or more appropriately, its mythology – holds that the original humans were black, and that God, who is a black man, created them. White people were not created by God but by the evil black scientist Yakub. Yakub used eugenics to create white people, killing many black babies to do so. Because of the process by which Yakub created the white race, white people are inherently deceitful and murderous. Given these views, it is not surprising that white people are banned from NOI.` (Ref: For the Hard Left, Sympathy with Louis Farrakhan Rests on Deep Ideological Ties.). So, the above quote is what and how Mr. Farrakhan believes; these are his viewpoints and, of course, he may believe what he wants to and cares to.

All races of people have their attributes and a person should always be proud of his or her history, culture and ethnicity. Dear reader, in the last three discussions we have talked about the situation with the Jews and the Jewish nation of Israel. If one thinks about the contributions of the Europeans and the Jews to the society of the world, truly, a person can only be in awe at what has been discovered and given and accomplished. It is hard to imagine the intelligence toward discoveries, innovation, invention, findings, etc. and, admitting, where there have been advancement there has also been tragedy. Yet, all in all, in this day in age, I truly do not know which group (Europe or European established countries or the European American or the Jews) is the most unwise, and/or just plain stupid and silly; there would be a close run in the race to the finish line of the `not too bright` competition.

I would encourage the reader to review other articles about the unpopularity of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concerning the war prosecuted against Hamas, `Netanyahu is unpopular in Israel. But not for the reasons US lawmakers are turning on him.` Just think, at this point in time, it was only a little over 7 months ago, that the Palestinian supported Hamas terrorist was mercilessly killing Israeli Jews and their babies, and now it seems to show Jews are beginning to not support Netanyahu and the way he is conducting the war against Hamas. Then, we come to the Europeans, European Americans, and other Established European racial nations. Our foes are telling us exactly what they are going to do to us. Dear reader, a person can research this state of affairs for himself or herself. If we think that Boston Mayor Wu, and the like, is going to come to our aid, we are deceiving ourselves. For the white/European American, we should be furious for being called a racist (whatever that is supposed to mean) in our own country. Contrary to what some people may believe, we may have to fight for our disciplines of life: our history, culture, and ethnicity, our philosophies or how we pursue the living of life, and, for some of us, our cultural religion (Christianity). Dear reader, this is nothing new in the history of the world.

Dear reader, in this multiracial empire, once known as our land and our nation, if anyone is a target it is the white/European American and, to think, our nation became an established target for ruin being betrayed by people like the Roosevelts, the Bidens, the Clintons, the Kennedys, the open borders bunch, et al. Remember, it is our nation of America established by our own white/European American Founding Fathers: a nation delivered to us by our own racial tribe and our own historical ethnic group. Dear reader, at this point, I would recommend researching the definition of an `Empire` compared to the definition of a `Nation` for the determination of what this country presently is. We are a large federal empire held together by a Marxist bureaucratic mob of leadership with a conglomeration of leftist/communist inspired federal agencies through the backing of their leftist pundits (Hollywood, the main media, the universities, the overall entertainment group, etc. This federal government bunch is not rogue, where two or three agents have gone bad; these are federal agencies being controlled from the top down by hundreds if not thousands of Marxist agents. These federal agencies are groups which are well trained at being against white/European American history and culture, and at being against white/European American philosophies of the living of life, and they are, vehemently, anti-Christian. Dear reader this hard leftist bunch and their handlers are what they are and, truly, are fooling no one. Furthermore, one other item worth mentioning, within the circumstances of the, May 14, 2022 Buffalo, New York shooting, let us take a look at a statement by Mr. Biden, `We still need to learn more about the motivation for [the] shooting as law enforcement does its work, but we don`t need anything else to state a clear moral truth: A racially motivated hate crime is abhorrent to the very fabric of this nation,` Biden said relating to the Buffalo, New York shooting situation. `Any act of domestic terrorism, including an act perpetrated in the name of a repugnant white nationalist ideology, is antithetical to everything we stand for in America. Hate must have no safe harbor. We must do everything in our power to end hate-fueled domestic terrorism.` This one statement is more than Biden has ever said in reference to his own white peoples` tragedies or plights committed, by people of color, upon them. Certainly, there is no doubt, that this was a horrible tragedy and appalling act of violence that no one should condone.

Articles for review: A person has probably seen these published articles in the past and some of these writings may have been updated; no matter, it would probably not hurt to revisit these following write-ups:

• `Ukraine Wanted to Join NATO`s Alliance for Years. What Stopped It?`

• `ABC sitcom star warns of White backlash against minorities following 2024 election: ‘Have us in camps"

• `Head Of United Nations calls for reparations to `overcome generations of exclusion and discrimination"

• `Arizona rancher faces long-awaited murder trial in border shooting of Mexican man after rejecting plea deal`

• `Missouri high school where teen was brutally attacked refuses to give records to state`s AG`

• `Boston activists seeking $15B in reparations, call on `White churches` to commit to extending wealth`

• `All Senate Dems vote against barring taxpayer funds to fly illegal migrants to US towns`

• `Bella Hadid shares Louis Farrakhan, anti-White ideologues on Instagram to 60 million followers`

• `New film calling White people `most dangerous animal` is released at theaters`

• `UN secretary-general youth climate adviser calls for Whites to be stripped of power in `revolutionary fights"

• `DHS calls Haitian migrant`s alleged rape of disabled teen ‘heinous` Haitian national flew into US last summer under Biden administration`s controversial CHNV program`

• `Clinton National Airport executive shot by ATF agents during raid at Arkansas home has died, brother says Bryan Malinowski, 53, died two days after a gunfire exchange with agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) at his Little Rock residence.`

• Reference: `Biden`s Claims Of Economic Victory Slapped Back By Worse-Than-Expected Inflation Report`

Since Mr. Biden took office:

Groceries: +21.2%

Eating out: +21%

Baby food: +29.6%

Pet food: +22.7%

Rent: +20%

Electricity: +28.4%

Natural gas: +30%

Apparel: +12%

Used cars: +20.3%

Air fare: +31.4%

Public transportation: +20.8%

Gasoline: +100%

Car Insurance: +40%

Home Insurance: +25% to 50%

Real average weekly wages: -4.2%

Except for the Gasoline percentage, I personally think these percentages are much underrated. The affect and effect of a devastating economy basically ruins the white person. Just think, dear European American: We depend on the economy of a country where the government is out to eliminate our culture, racial heritage, and history; our philosophies of life; and, for some of us, our traditional religion (i.e., our disciplines of life).

• `Northwestern professor, whose school gave in to anti-Israel agitators, is son of notorious terrorist radicals, Zayd Ayers Dohrn, a professor at Northwestern University, is the son of the former leaders of the radical terrorist group, `Weather Underground"

This bunch of George Soros, Saul Alinsky, Bill and Hilary Clinton radicals are really no more than Marxists and Stalinists. They have their own brand of NKVD in the Antifa bunch. There sponsors are the Hollywood group, the main media, the universities, the overall entertainment group, and huge business conglomerates, etc. These Marxist radicals are the founders of the Marxist group Students for a Democrat Society (SDS), which is a carryover from the 1960s and is still alive and well at several large universities. These are the new Marxists with the same old communist ideology being regurgitated up and preached at these elitist universities. Who else but a radical Marxist could get into, and graduate from Columbia University Teachers` College. These people apologize for nothing.

• `Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell is not investigating the Boston mayor`s (Mayer Wu) ‘electeds of color` holiday party after discrimination complaints were filed.` Dear white/European American when we become a minority race in our own country, with the ax falling, if we think that Mayor Wu or the black Massachusetts Attorney General are going to have any sympathy for us and come to our aid or assistance concerning the law, we are fooling ourselves.

All of the above have one issue in common. The common denominator that runs through all of the above is the hating and the despising of the white/European American in America and, just think, this is our nation, which the Marxist Democrat Party has turned into an empire (overrun and overfilled with non-whites [it may be compared to the diversity of Rome filled with non-Romans and research what happened there in 476 AD]). Dear reader, they are telling us exactly what they are going to do to us and we smile and hand them another nail in the construction of our gallows. Think about it, how in the world could the white/European American cast one vote for this Marxist Democrat Party? Furthermore, just who gave the Democrat Party the right to change this country from a majority white/European American racial majority nation into multiracial Empire?

Many of our future leaders will come from a mixture of what is listed below. Our survival and continued existence will depend on intestinal fortitude (guts), analytical and critical thinking, and philosophical (racial pride of guidance leading to unwavering loyalty) leadership of direction. The great majority of our elites will come from the lower classes and middle classes; such will be the salt of the earth. Many of these people will not necessarily be influential or privileged but they will know how to win and what it takes to win and what is demanded of body and soul to win, and most important they will have the burning desire to win. Our people will want to be alive in the glory of victory and what is more, I believe, the elements of religion and religious conviction will be very present along with racial culture and heritage and belief; I believe these will be paramount and greatly factor into the equation. We are all gifted in some form or fashion. We simply have to tap into that gifted element of each individual for the cause of existence. We must educate our people to let their racial emotion develop into the intensity of pride and honor. The cultivating of discipline to comradeship (camaraderie) is paramount. I do not believe a person is able to motivate another person. However, we can create an environment where the person intrinsically self-motivates himself or herself; such must be the right environment for the right motivation for our racial existence. However, again, I would warn that when emotions take the lead and become in control, there is, basically, no leader; uncontrolled violence is unnecessary and needless. As mentioned times before, I would maintain, to the white/European American, we, truly, have no time for hate; hate is a very non-productive emotion, which often leads to violence.

I will close with the following:

`GOP governor fumes over Biden`s threat to cut off Israel aid: `He`s negotiating for the terrorists." And, `Biden`s Rafah warning sends immediate shockwaves through US and global politics.`

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that Israel ‘will stand alone` to defeat Hamas, if necessary." Unfortunately, many, many Jews have backed the Marxist Democrat Party for years and years. Sadly, many Jews have helped turn the Democrat Party into what it is today. It is not like Israel should be surprised at what is happening; they, i.e., a great many of the Jews, themselves, helped turn this 90% white/European American Nation of, Israeli backing, Christians into a diverse, multicultural Empire. But, nevertheless, when a person really puts thought toward the situation of our country, we have no one to blame for our present situation but ourselves. And, dear reader, to the overall Israeli situation, just what are the alternatives to not supporting Israel? This whole state of affairs becomes no better without major change taking place.

Dear reader, in our next discussion, we will take a specific and I believe a varied approach to several sets of circumstances.


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I would like to recommend and encourage the reader to visit European Americans United website (wvwnews.net) and read John Young`s writing, `Welcome to being a Dissident.`

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Uncle Joe tells his people to have patience and stay, for by Hook or by Crook the votes are comin` round the mountain and on the way.


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Nicholas Wu, USA Today, March 19, 2020

"Americans evacuated from Morocco, Peru, as travel bans to block coronavirus strand thousands"

ABC News, March 20, 2020


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"FBI arrests leader of armed group stopping migrants in New Mexico"

By Andrew Hay, Reuters, April 20, 2019

"New Mexico County declares state of emergency over influx of migrants: report"

By Bradford Betz, Fox News

(I would like to highly recommend the resource news of wvwnews.net as this web location is part of the main website of europeanamericansunited.org. In regard to our culture and ethnicity, the European Americans United website is excellent to glean information from. Along with current and past news, the website has some wonderful educational and cultural programs for us.)


Doug Eiderzen, April 22, 2019

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By Christopher Wilson, Yahoo News, March 7, 2019

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Hunter Walker, White House Correspondent, Yahoo, March 3, 2019


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To my readers, I would like to highly recommend the resource news of wvwnews.net.

This web location is part of the main website of europeanamericansunited.org. In regard to our culture and ethnicity, the European Americans United website is excellent to glean information from. Along with current and past news, the website has some wonderful educational and cultural programs for us.

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Daily Mail, August 2, 2018


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