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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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"Variations on a Theme: the Russian/Ukrainian Conflict: A Depressing State of affairs"


Doug Eiderzen, March 4, 2022

(Discussion Number 55)

Dear reader, I do apologize for the length of this discussion, but we had a good amount of information to cover and as the song`s lyrics state, `We had a long way to go and a short time to get there.`

Remember this, Mr. Biden has said that he will not commit any U.S. Forces toward this conflict; nevertheless, he does keep sending U.S. troops to Europe.

I think most anyone will agree that the Russian/Ukrainian Conflict is tragic and sad in so many ways: basically, it pits European against European and white Christian against white Christian; basically, once again, our own culture and ethnicity and race will be fighting against itself. Could the conflict have been averted? From a lay person`s point of view, I believe such a conflict most certainly could have been averted. I believe it was Biden that painted the Ukrainian government as 100 percent right and the Russia government as 100 percent wrong. Biden`s rhetoric toward Russia has been and continues to be very inflammatory and volatile. Moreover, Mr. Biden may have stumbled and fumble-bummed into what he and his handlers actually want: The Ukrainian nation to become a European Union member nation (adhering to all of the requirements of a member) and a NATO member country with missiles placed on the Russian border and whites`/Europeans` fighting and killing each other.

We, as European Americans, should understand that many of the factors of the conflict are geopolitical, that is, influences of the region dealing with resources and people. It looks like the conflict will send the Ukraine straight into the arms of the George Soros` backed European Union, which is the worst thing that could happen. This brings into a suspect nature of the Ukrainian leadership: `Ukraine`s Newly Elected President Is Jewish: So Is Its Prime Minister` (New York Times). Many of Jewish people have a history of being very liberal within government and being very `open border` minded. Thus, truth known, the EU and George Soros could not be happier with the present conflict, `George Soros acknowledged in an interview with CNN that he actively contributed to the overthrow of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014. Ultimately, the foundation (Open Society Foundations) helped usher in Zelenskyy (May 2019), `a comedian/clown` who got rich doing a Ukrainian political satire comedy TV series, though he was secretly financed by Soros friend and Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.` I think we can all relate to Mr. Soros and his Open Society Foundations here in America and the George Soros` backed leftist district attorneys and liberal attorney generals in the United States; plus, the radical Marxist ideologies these foundations support. A great many of these Marxist foundations are of an anti-European American nature. These foundations are anti-white culture, ethnicity, etc. to the extreme.

I must admit, at this time, I know very little about Mr. Zelenskyy and his government. His intentions and objectives could be very honorable and sincere toward Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

The Russian motivation for its attack may mirror exactly what the United States has done in the past. This is the very situation, which we witnessed in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. President Kennedy did not want a Russian presence in missiles and Russian advisors placed in Cuba or within the United States sphere of influence. Mr. Putin does want neither a European Union multicultural, Muslim presence nor a NATO presence in missiles and American advisors in the Ukraine or within the Russian sphere of influence. This is really the same issue that President Kennedy faced with Kennedy being the good guy and 100 percent right in his Cuban confrontation of 1962. Only now Mr. Putin is the bad guy and 100 percent wrong in his confrontation on the same issue. These are the same set of circumstances that Mr. Kennedy was ready to go to war with Russia over in 1962. Same situations, different dates, but suddenly the Russian geopolitical reasons are not accepted by a President Biden and his leftist Marxist Democrat Party or the RINOs like Senator Romney. We do not need to falsely accuse someone of doing the very same thing we did and for having the same motivations as our motivations were years ago. I think this is called being hypocritical.

As a member, the European Union will want the Ukraine to take its share of Muslims and people of color and, then, there will go another white nation of European Culture/way of life and ethnicity within the pursuance of the religion of multiculturalism: Excited now, in a few years, the Ukrainian will become a second class citizen in his or her own nation; the Ukrainian will become classified as a racist in his or her own nation; the Ukrainian will see his or her own nation flooded with a third world culture which he or she will have to accept; the Ukrainian will come to see his or her own nation and leaders codify the minority over the Ukrainian white citizen; these are the very same issues to which France, Germany, and other European nation members of the EU must adhere to. There is a reason Great Britain voted to get out of the EU.

So, whites/European Americans and others, compared to/or falling into the category of `good` mercenaries, go off to fight for the Ukrainian government against the Russian not knowing exactly what they are fighting for or fighting against; these foreign fighters have been propagandized into an anti-Russian mentality. Again, the geopolitical issues of resources and people should be put in perspective and researched. Within a war, a person should know exactly what he or she marches off to fight for or against.

Of course, and by all means, let us not forget the intrepid and gallant Senator Mitt Romney `Putin`s Ukraine invasion is the first time in 80 years that a great power has moved to conquer a sovereign nation. It is without justification, without provocation and without honor,` Romney said late Wednesday in a prepared statement (`Mitt Romney condemns Russian invasion of Ukraine, blames past U.S. foreign policy,` By Dennis Romboy). Mr. Biden is not the only person having memory problems in Washington DC. So, the leftist main media has taken Senator Romney`s statement, at full value and as the truth; this Marxist agenda driven media does just exactly that when someone babbles something that pleases it and when such a statement fits into its liberal agenda. Mitt has conveniently forgotten about Bush`s war with Iraq in 2003 where the U.S. did overthrow and remove the Iraqi regime by invasion, thus, creating `ISIS.` And in 1961 President Kennedy attempted to overthrow the Cuban government in the Bay of Pigs debacle. Thus, either Mitt has lost his memory or he is lying to drum up anti-Russian sentiment for the Ukraine to join the EU. In this conflict with Russia, the Biden administration and the liberal Democrat Party and the leftist media is sending out so much anti-Russian propaganda and Democrat party-line misinformation, to sway public opinion, that it is hard to decipher from what is a truth and what is not.

`The Russian government has banned Russian media from using the word "war" to describe the invasion of the Ukraine.` And, our media gives us the idea that the Kremlin controls all Russian media by order (Oh my, those nasty ol` Russians). Where as, the Biden administration has banned the media and Federal agencies from using the term `illegal Alien` in favor of `undocumented immigrant` and we have Nancy Pelosi telling the American main media to portray President Biden in a more favorable light in printing stories and articles. The Biden administration`s Federal Government in DC is hardly pure and fresh as the driven snow within the issue of misleading the American public and the U.S. Citizen or trying to tell the American people what to think and how to believe or telling government agencies and the media what to do politically.

We should understand the main media is a mouthpiece for Biden and his Democrat Party: Case in point: `He (Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts) says the U.S. should communicate directly with the Russian people to counter the misinformation provided by Putin and the media under his control` (`Putin`s war at home`, U.S. News and world Report). So let us talk about Biden`s unlawful agendas, lying, illegal doctrine, and trying to fool the U.S. citizen: How about the Biden administration flying illegal aliens all over America in the dead of night for resettlement. As far as criticizing anyone for propaganda/untruth, misinformation, and sneakiness, this Biden bunch and his Democrat party are second to none as to having written the book on telling untruths.

The Democrat Party controlled main media likes to portray its enemies as `loosing it` mentally or `mentally unfit` or having `psychological breakdowns.` We are now hearing this about Mr. Putin behaving irrationally and we heard this same verbiage about Mr. Trump. Yet, we hear how well Biden is doing at handling the crisis when he states in his `State of the Union` address that the Russian president (Mr. Putin) will never win "the hearts and souls of the Iranian people." Still, the liberal controlled main media claim Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump are having mental failures or have had emotional breakdowns.

We talked in our last discussion how one side must be portrayed as 100 percent right and another side as 100 percent wrong. And this is exactly what is happening within the U.S. main media. I have yet to see where Biden`s administration or his Democrat Party is criticized too much, within the media, in any way, form, or fashion concerning the Russian/Ukrainian struggle. The media tells us that Mr. Biden is well in control of all.

The winds and the flames of war are being fanned by Biden and his Democrat Party and their own inspired main media. Russia "has embarked on a path of evil," the president said, but the Ukraine "is defending itself and won`t give up its freedom no matter what Moscow thinks." Once more, President Biden has brought much of this on by his volatile rhetoric (SOTU, "He has no idea what`s coming," Biden said in a message to Putin.). And, to talk about Putin`s Russia as an evil administration, let us examine Mr. Biden`s administration: Biden supporting Marxist BLM, supporting of the liberal, anti-god, anarchist Antifa, the backing and supporting of millions of abortions, not upholding the Constitution and enforcing the border from invasion, not sending this invader and interloper back out of the country, the dictatorial illegal vaccine mandate, etc. Nevertheless, there is the constant talk of Russian evil.

The leftists, the Bidens, the Marxist Democrat Party, liberals, the Clintons, the Obamas, the George Soros type people, etc. have backed `abortions on demand` for many years. These abortions on demand have taken over 60 million lives in America. In Russia, while there are abortions allowed under certain circumstances, there is not the abortion on demand policy in Russia as in America. So, just what is Mr. Biden`s definition of evil toward Mr. Putin and just who "has embarked on a path of evil,"??? Putin, himself, adheres to the Christian Greek Orthodox Church. He was baptized into the Christian Orthodox Church as an infant. In an interview with Russian journalists published in 2000, Putin explained the significance of his well-known Christian Orthodox cross pendant: `In 1993, when I worked on the Leningrad City Council, I went to Israel as part of an official delegation. Mama gave me my baptismal cross to get it blessed at the Lord`s Tomb. I did as she said and then put the cross around my neck. I have never taken it off since.` The Russians have thrown off anti-God communism/Marxism and are a Christian nation; just as the Ukraine is a Christian nation, but there is the concern about America. It is America that is now leaning toward anti-God Marxism with Biden in the driver`s seat.

By our media (MSNBC, CNN, Yahoo, Huff Post, PBS, ABC, NBC, etc.), there has now begun the attack on Mr. Putin`s character (of course, comparing Putin`s mental attributes to Biden`s mental attributes is like comparing the Pacific ocean to a pond. Now, is Mr. Putin perfect, hardly; there could have been a much, much better explaining of the geopolitical situations to the people, but he does care very much about the Russian people and I think he cares very much about the Ukrainian people. And, lest we forget, there are people and well-populated provinces or regions in the Ukraine which are very pro-Russian.

Sadly, as mentioned earlier, this war shows white European fighting against white European and Christian nation fighting against Christian nation. These fraternal wars amongst ourselves, which kill our brothers and sisters and culture and ethnicity and race, must be boycotted.

Dear reader, concerning this discussion, we might want to reexamine the issues of good and bad, right and wrong, correct and incorrect, righteous and evil.


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This web location is part of the main website of europeanamericansunited.org. In regard to our culture and ethnicity, the European Americans United website is excellent to glean information from. Along with current and past news, the website has some wonderful educational and cultural programs for us.

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