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Monday, May 20, 2019

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The Ambiance of Victoria
January 9, 2015

Critical Analysis Toward Nordic Deity and Aryan Entity
April 11, 2011

Application of Thought and Reality
May 7, 2010

The Metaphysics of the Model
November 25, 2009


"Major Points of Interest and Thoughts to Absorb"

Reference toward Part One and Part Two: "The Traditional Being of Pure Citizenry"


Doug Eiderzen, December 14, 2018

(Discussion Number 18)

As a prerequisite to this discussion or review, I would suggest a person reread, `European Disciplines of Life and Disciplines of Function` (Discussion 7) and Part One and Part Two: `The Traditional Being of Pure Citizenry` (Discussion 16 and Discussion 17).

The concept must be accepted, by today`s whites/European Americans, that the nation of America was established, by our white/European American Founding Fathers, and put in force for the white/European American. This concept is reality. This concept must be a commitment for us. This concept gives us (whites/European Americans) our traditional claim. As well, we should understand there has been found European settlement(s) in North America which date back to 1000 AD and before (Ref: Archaeological evidence of a Norse settlement). From a speculative viewpoint, who knows how far back European settlements in North America date? To our folk, if we care to play with years gone by, the white/European American/European has been in North America for quite some time. We need to understand and realize that our presence on this North American continent has been around for a good while. To start at a civilized beginning, we must understand our nation of America had to be settled and founded and put into a factual existence for us (The Traditional Being of Pure Citizenry).

Bear in mind, there can be no creation of life without life already being in existence. With this being said, we (whites/European Americans/Europeans) must pursue our disciplines of life: our history; our philosophies (how we approach and live life), and, for some, our cultural religion. Our disciplines of life are what give us our power of the will to pursue survival toward our culture and our racial being: what was; what is; what will be. Our disciplines of life are guidance for us. Now, our disciplines of function are what we do everyday to keep our disciplines of life in existence: This should be our exact motivation for everyday life; in a normal society, this would be our exact motivation for everyday life.

Euro-Americaneuropeanism simply accomplishes what is best for the traditional being of pure citizenry (aka, the white/European American). Remember, the functions of Euro-Americaneuropeanism are excellence and the will to achieve. I believe this is exactly what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they established our nation.

A person must understand that there must be a reason(s) for being in life or a reason(s) in fighting for our continued endurance toward racial existence.

Toward the human mix of what we have been given in our nation, there must be the establishment of 51 percent of European blood (with the 51 percent of European bloodline established, in each individual through DNA, we can now determine who is white/European American [a traditional being of pure citizenry]). My folk, this 51 percent establishment of European blood gives us an objective rationale. It is here within the concept of 51 percent that the definition to `white identity` can be applied objectively; the all encompassing model of `white identity` is able to be recognized and organized. A coming together and belonging is achieved. This coming together and belonging cannot be underestimated in its importance to our continued existence.

We need leadership from our white/European American leaders. The coming forth of our leadership is paramount at this time. Definitions need to be defined for us. White/European American leaders need to organize themselves for leadership. Once our leaders have organized themselves then there will be the start to organize us. With organization in existence, the ideas of, `E Pluribus Unum,` and `One for All and All for One,` are able to come together and are applied within a white/European American camaraderie.

My folk, always, but always, remember this: The word `progressive` or `progressivism` is a hidden term substitute for the word `communist` or `communism.` Progressivism is a gentle euphemism for communism. If one looks at this word and how it is used in context and exactly the type people who are uttering the word, `progressivism,` such a word blooms and blossoms into its full meaning, `communism.` Hence, the synonym for the word `progressivism` is the word `communism.`

We can easily fool or deceive ourselves by becoming upset over the wrong things. We (whites/European Americans) must guard against this. We must remember to go back to our disciplines of life as a focal point or meeting point. Fundamentally, if it is good for our race and ethnicity, then do it; if it is not good for our race and ethnicity, then do not do it.


Dr. Eiderzen's Articles

Part One

Major Issues of Importance: Subject Number One


Doug Eiderzen, May 12, 2019

(Discussion Number 26)

"FBI arrests leader of armed group stopping migrants in New Mexico"

By Andrew Hay, Reuters, April 20, 2019

"New Mexico County declares state of emergency over influx of migrants: report"

By Bradford Betz, Fox News

(I would like to highly recommend the resource news of wvwnews.net as this web location is part of the main website of europeanamericansunited.org. In regard to our culture and ethnicity, the European Americans United website is excellent to glean information from. Along with current and past news, the website has some wonderful educational and cultural programs for us.)


Doug Eiderzen, April 22, 2019

(Discussion Number 25)

"House passes broad anti-hate resolution after pressure from Omar allies"

By Christopher Wilson, Yahoo News, March 7, 2019

"House broadens anti-hate bill yet again"

By Lisa Mascaro and Laurie Kellman, Thursday, March 7, 2019

Doug Eiderzen, March 31, 2019

(Discussion Number 24)

"AAF`s reported payroll issues-why Colin Kaepernick was right to balk at league"


Charles Robinson, NFL columnist, Yahoo Sports, Feb 19, 2019

"LeBron James on NFL settlement: `I stand with Kaep"`


Ben Weinrib, Yahoo Sports, Feb 16, 2019

"Hillary Clinton blames gutting of Voting Rights Act for her 2016 loss"


Hunter Walker, White House Correspondent, Yahoo, March 3, 2019


Doug Eiderzen, March 12, 2019

(Discussion Number 23)

To my readers, I would like to highly recommend the resource news of wvwnews.net.

This web location is part of the main website of europeanamericansunited.org. In regard to our culture and ethnicity, the European Americans United website is excellent to glean information from. Along with current and past news, the website has some wonderful educational and cultural programs for us.

"21 Savage `wasn`t hiding` being British, feared deportation"

Associated Press, February 15, 2019


Doug Eiderzen, February 19, 2019

(Discussion Number 22)

"Joe Biden: White America `has to admit there`s still a systemic racism"`

John Verhovek, Good Morning America, January 21, 2019


Doug Eiderzen, February 2, 2019

(Discussion Number 21)

"John Kelly Is Sad Women Are No Longer `Sacred.` Women Are Not That Sad."

Emma Gray, HuffPost, October 19, 2017


Doug Eiderzen, January 15, 2019

(Discussion Number 20)

"To Our People and Our Leaders"

Doug Eiderzen, December 28, 2018

(Discussion Number 19)

"Part Two: The Traditional Being of Pure Citizenry"

Doug Eiderzen, November 24, 2018

(Discussion Number 17)

"Part One: The Traditional Being of Pure Citizenry"

Doug Eiderzen, November 5, 2018

(Discussion Number 16)

"A vote for a Democrat is a vote for..."

Doug Eiderzen, October, 15, 2018

(Discussion Number 15)

"Rep. Steve King touts `Western civilization` while defending incendiary immigration tweet"

By Gabby Kaufman

Yahoo News, March 13, 2017


Doug Eiderzen, October 5, 2018

(Discussion Number 14)

"Variations on a Theme, Disciplines of Life and Euro-Americaneuropeanism."

Doug Eiderzen, September 25, 2018

(Discussion Number 13)

`Don`t Use Mollie` To Push Racism, Says Dad Who Points To `Heartless` Donald Trump Jr.

Mary Papenfuss, HuffPost, September 2, 2018


Doug Eiderzen, September 4, 2018

(Discussion Number 12)

"Laura Ingraham slams `racist freak` and white nationalists after comments spark immigration controversy"

Chris Riotta, The Independent, August 10, 2018


Doug Eiderzen, August 17, 2018

(Discussion Number 11)

"Right-wing websites target New York Times` new writer over what they call `anti-white` tweets."`

Hope Schreiber, Writer, Yahoo Lifestyle, August 2, 2018

"Sarah Jeong: New York Times journalist who tweeted `cancel white people` is victim of `dishonest` trolls, claims former employer."

Jon Sharman, The Independent, August 3, 2018

"NY Times defends hiring reporter who mocked white people in tweets."

Daily Mail, August 2, 2018


Doug Eiderzen, August 5, 2018

(Discussion Number 10)

"`We`re in the midst of an all-out assault on human dignity`: Joe Biden"

Justin Doom, Good Morning America, July 21, 2018


Doug Eiderzen, July 24, 2018

(Discussion Number 9)

"Dershowitz calls out MSNBC host, talks about Martha Vineyard fallout"

By Lukas Mikelionis, Fox News

"Texas teen says he had drink thrown at him at Whataburger because he was wearing pro-Trump hat"

By Greg Norman, Fox News

"`F*** You Melanie`: Kathy Griffin Blasts `Complicit` Melania Trump For Family-Separating Immigration Statement"

By Benjamin Fearnow, Newsweek, June 17, 2018

"Peter Fonda Apologizes for `Highly Inappropriate` Barron Trump Tweet: `I Went Way Too Far"`

Trey Williams, The Wrap, June 20, 2018

"Michelle Wolf Urges People To Heckle Ivanka Trump In A Very Specific Way"

By Ed Mazza, HuffPost, July 1, 2018


Doug Eiderzen, July 10, 2018

(Discussion Number 8)

"European Disciplines of Life and Disciplines of Function"

Doug Eiderzen, June 28, 2018

(Discussion Number 7)

"Robert De Niro throws F-bombs at Trump during Tony Awards"

By Lukas Mikelionis | Fox News

"Parkland High School Students Get Standing Ovation at Tonys After Drama Teacher Honored (Video)"

The Wrap, By Jennifer Maas, June 10, 2018


Doug Eiderzen, June 15, 2018

(Discussion Number 6)

"Starbucks tells employees: Let anyone use the restroom"

Associated Press, May 11, 2018

"Handcuffing of 2 black men in Starbucks in Philadelphia called `reprehensible outcome` by CEO"

By M.L. Nestel, Apr 15, 2018

"Starbucks manager who made call resulting in black men`s arrests no longer works for company"

By Bill Hutchinson and Matthew Stone, Apr 16, 2018

"Howard Schultz says Starbucks manager showed her own `unconscious bias` -- and possibly `racial profiling"`

By Rachel Siegel April 18


Doug Eiderzen, June 7, 2018

(Discussion Number 5)

"A white woman called police on black people barbecuing. This is how the community responded"

CNN, May 22, 2018


Doug Eiderzen, May 28, 2018

(Discussion Number 4)

"Confederate statue toppled at North Carolina rally"

M.L. Mestel, Good Morning America, August 15, 2017

"Durham DA drops all charges in Confederate monument toppling case"

Alfred Charles, Online Managing Editor, February 20, 2018

"Judge Tells Durham GOP Why He Didn`t Convict Protesters Charged with Toppling a Confederate Monument"

Sarah Willets, March 9, 2018


Doug Eiderzen, May 10, 2018

(Discussion Number 3)

"Advertisers Ditching Laura Ingraham`s Show Over Attack On Parkland Survivor"

Hayley Miller, HuffPost, March 29, 2018

"March for Our Lives will `start a revolution,` Parkland school-shooting survivor says" By Mark Osborne, March 24, 2018


Doug Eiderzen, April 28, 2018

(Discussion Number 2)

"Matt Lauer may lose ownership of his farm amid sexual misconduct allegations" by Chelsea Ritschel and "Celebrities react to Matt Lauer`s firing amid sexual misconduct allegations" by Taryn Ryder, Writer, Yahoo Entertainment & Lifestyle
By Doug Eiderzen, April 13, 2018

(Discussion Number 1)

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